Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[TSOM-Announce] Tango with Loisa: Back from Buenos Aires!!

Classes, workshops, events in tango this week

Regular Group Lessons Class and Event Calendar
  • Tuesday: Beginning Tango 6:30-7:45PM - Intermed: 7:45-9 PM
  • Thursday: Advanced tango, 7:30-9PM 
  • Saturday: Beginning tango 10:00 - 11:30AM
  • Regular Saturday workshops in essential topics
Regular Public Dances
Classes this Week:  I am back from Buenos Aires! Come to classes this month. I have a lot of cool things to show you!  Right when I am back from Buenos Aires, I have a renewed fervor to show you all the important things that you need to dance tango well when you go. Or just if you want to dance tango well. I'm fired up! Now is a great time to come back to classes if you have been away for awhile. Come back and get a full dose of my overflowing enthusiasm, and some great new techniques to make your tango wonderful.

Private Lessons:  Scheduling now! Also, don't forget a gift certificate for that special dance partner. Or that couple you know who just announced their engagement. Or that person who needs dance in their life (isn't that everybody?) Any amount can be arranged. 

Tuesday Milonga: Always a fun time, and these next weeks will be particularity fun. Tomorrow, Dec 11th, the theme is Buenos Aires! We will have some of the food I brought back, some of the wine I brought back, and of course we will tell some of the stories we brought back!! Wear sky blue and white, with a splash of yellow like the Argentine flag. Next week: It's Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Let's celebrate with a Pajama Party! And we are not closing on Christmas Day, but instead of class, we will just have the party.

I am planning a series of classes on West Coast Swing for Tango Dancers in January. Contact me for details and to sign up!

Musings: So much has changed in the Buenos Aires milonga scene since I first went in 1998. At first I saw hardly any change, but then as more tourists came, we saw more "tourist milongas", those places where the tango tourist would go and dance the strange type of tango that they learned in their home country, and the serious Buenos AIres tango dancers would go only to solicit students or dates. Now some of the conventions that have become common in the US milongas have seeped into the Buenos Aires milongas. Tandas are often only 3, not 4 songs. Men and women are seated close by each other, even sometimes at the same table. The milongas only last 3 or 4 hours, rather than 6 to 7. Women change their shoes at the table even at the best milongas. I miss many of the old conventions, but I don't mind the men sitting closer, as my eyesight gets worse. I am glad that the music has not changed, and stays traditional. And I am glad that the embrace stays the same, and close connected dancing is how it is done. I don't think that will change. I think the strong women of Buenos Aires would be quite angry if men started to push them into an open embrace to do some "move" they haven't learned yet in close embrace!  
Dance Boutique

Tango Boutique!

Clothes, shoes and accessories for the dancer.  Clothes that fit, stay on, have color, flow beautifully, with real style.  And great prices! Shoes from $40 to $150, including some great values in preowned.  All clothes under $100. Come and shop during parties and get an unbiased opinion from seasoned tango dancers. :)
Buenos Aires milonga

Buenos Aires!

Time to plan for 2018 if you want to go on my tour! The 2018 trip will be in November to December. Pick the dates that work for you and let me know so I can arrange housing. I'll need to know for sure, with a deposit, by the end of July 2018. Limited space is available, so that I can give you the attention you deserve. We have so much fun! See the website for more info.
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[TSOM-Announce] Wendy's violin students at the Loring

Hola Tangueros,

Wendy, the violinist of Rogue Tango, will be showcasing 15 of her students playing tango music with Rogue Tango this Sunday, the 16th, at the Loring Pasta Bar. They will play twice between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. on Dec. 16th (Beethoven's birthday by the way).

These young musicians are excellent; so please show up to enjoy, appreciate and encourage these young people. Tangueros appreciate music more than the usual audiences that show up to music recitals and these kids will feel this appreciation. It will mean a lot to them.

See you there!!

Nick Aguilar

Thursday, December 6, 2018

[TSOM-Announce] TSoM Holiday MilonGALA

Sooooo.....Have you been thinking about what to wear to the TSoM Holiday MilonGALA, this Saturday evening?? Hmmmm...🤣🤓🤩😎🤣
Don't forget the details: Saturday evening, Dec. 8th from 7pm-Midnight at Theodore Wirth Chalet, 1301 Theodore Wirth Pkwy, 55422.

Live & DJ'd music for our dancing pleasures and delicious treats to fortify us! Entry Pricing: Tsom Members- $15, Non-Members-$30 &

Students-$15. AND....All brand-new Tsom members ($25) get complimentary entry! See you there! 






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710 South 2nd St., 7th Floor | Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Monday, December 3, 2018


Can't believe our TSoM Holiday MilonGALA is this coming Saturday evening, December 8th from 7pm-12:30am at the very cozy and rustically elegant, Theodore Wirth Chalet! We will snack on delicacies from Cossetta's Catering and dance our toes off via live music from the very popular, Hiawatha Tango Quintet. For a little change of pace, DJ Hostess, Jennifer Wang will delight & amuse us with her customized selections. Entry ticket prices are: TSoM Members-$15, Non-Members-$30, Students-$15. ALERT! Anyone who becomes a brand-new TSoM Member ($25) this week or at the entrance to this event, will enter at NO CHARGE!!! That's right, friends...No MilonGALA Fee to Brand-New TSoM Members! So...Get your holiday glam fashions ready to make your hot tango even hotter!
See you at the Holiday MilonGALA at 1301 Theodore Wirth Pkwy, Golden Valley, 55422.

[TSOM-Announce] Luciana Desperados Class Tonight! Kane Brain Kaput!

If you want to believe that I originally put a typo in the date so I could send a second announcement… it sounds fine to me.

But there is an alternate theory that my brain was simply kaput..  It may remain that way for some time.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight for a special Luciana Class



Dear Tango friends,


You can’t always tell what’s going to happen at Desperados...

This Monday, Luciana Valle will present a special bonus class on Saccadas at 8pm  DEC2   Dec3 Tonight!!

Whether you have been doing Saccadas for months or years… or never done them at all, you will see them differently tomorrow. If all the weekend workshop people come, we will crank it up to 11.



The class will start near 8 and run till about 9:15/9:30

We’ll keep the music on for a while after of course.


The cost is $25 at the door.


Looking forward to seeing you!


Scott, Michael, and your friends at Desperados Practica


Tango Desperados


The Eagles Aerie
25th Avenue and 25th Street
Southeast Minneapolis

Small Ballroom, 

Monday Evenings, 7:30 p.m. until 9:30

Drop-In Rate -- $5.00
Quarterly, 13-Week Subscription Rate -- $40.00